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From: Dave Crane

Dear Reader, if you're like any other human being you've got your hopes and dreams right?

Perhaps you're looking for ways to improve your finances, develop more loving relationships, boost your career and find long lasting happiness…

My question to you is:

If you’ve never managed to achieve those things in the past HOW are you going to make them a REALITY NOW?

FACT: In almost every developed country, happiness levels have remained largely static over the past 50 years - despite huge
increases in income. - BBC NEWS

“Dear Dave,

I want to thank you about is that you gave me the opportunity to attend that great event. YOU CAN NEVER IMAGINE WHAT HAPPENED TO ME AFTER IT and how did it affect my life completely!

Well, let me remind you who I was. I was that guy who wanted to open his own restaurant and couldn’t find the finance and was so disappointed about it. The thing is that right after what you mentioned to me about believing in myself and the way he showed me that everyone in the room believed in me, I PROUDLY SAY that today only I found THE BEST  LOCATION EVER for my store and believe it or not..... I found the partners who are willing to help me in making my dream come true!!!

Thank God for this of course but I would say that without Dave’s supporting words i would still be so down till now, doing nothing but hating myself more and more.”

 Ahmed El Miligy


Everyone LOVES finding ROMANCE, LIFE PURPOSE and HAPPINESS, the problem is they don't have the time nor the patience to search for them. 

And it's no wonder... according to a Gallup survey on happiness, when 1001 people were asked to choose between the two most important sources of happiness in their lives, only 77 people said work fulfilment.

That's why I thought it was my civil duty as a Life Designer to share with the world a guide to the most powerful ways to enjoy every single day 100% more than ever before.

Inside these books, I've included the Secret Formula For Happiness and The Life Design Companion which will help you Create Your Perfect Day including:

The 10 Rules of Success

New Opportunities & goals
Better environments and influences
Sexier and groovier things to do
New daily energizing habits
Full stops - bad habits/relationships to end
How to prevent failure forever
How to never make another mistake again
The trick to get on with anyone
Insider motivation tactics
How to create a 100% success mindset
Stress management tips
Confidence building techniques and

The coolest thing about the Automatic Lifecoach System is that it is now both absolutely FREE for you and only very few people know about them!

This techniques highlighted in the Automatic Lifecoach eBooks and CD took me almost 8 years of research to compile and soon I will offer the entire system for sale at $197.00 but for a limited time I will give them away for FREE as my way to help PAY IT FORWARD and make the world a happier place !

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Thanks a million

Enjoy your FREE system

Dave Crane


I respect YOUR email privacy and hate spam with a passion!

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